A Suggested Protocol for Checking Product

  1. Assign one knowledgeable person to check all product purchases when they arrive in the office
  2. Keep all ordering materials (catalogues, flyers etc.) used in ordering the product(s) until the product has been checked in, and keep the package until the product has been entirely consumed.
  3. Manufacturers will be happy to send you a picture of their licensed products and their packaging
  4. Check each product when it arrives in the office:
    1. Is it the same product you ordered?
    2. Does it have the same name as advertised?
    3. Does it have the same product number?
    4. Is it the same package that was advertised?
    5. Are the contents the same as advertised? (quantity, sizes, shapes, colours etc.)
    6. Is the package in English and French?
    7. Have any markings been removed/scratched out?
    8. Is the product in its original package (or a zip lock bag or other substitute container)?
    9. Do the lot number and expiry date on the package match those on the contents?
    10. Does the package or contents have markings that indicate it may have been rerouted (e.g. “India only” or “not for sale in North America”)
    11. Is equipment CSA approved (or equivalent)?

Updated March 1, 2016