1. Grey Market Missionary Work
    DIAC’s Market Ethics Committee is doing a series of educational materials and lectures to dental practices and industry members to address the proliferation of non-compliant dental products in Canada
  2. DIAC Goes to Ottawa
    On October 30, 2013 the DIAC Advocacy Committee met with senior members of the Health Canada Medical Devices Directorate and their policy advisors to discuss non-compliant products sold in Canada
  3. Vanessa’s Law
    Health Canada is getting 50 times tougher on companies selling mislabelled and counterfeit medical devices and drugs
  4. How to Submit a Trade Complaint to Health Canada
    Anybody can submit a trade complaint to Health Canada about industry players who are not compliant with the Medical Device Regulations
  5. Health Canada Notice on Dental Laboratories
    DIAC responds forcefully to Health Canada’s proposed licensing of Canadian dental labs
  6. Environmental Scan of Regulatory Environment for Dental Industry
    This Environmental Scan summarizes research conducted for the Dental Industry Association of Canada (DIAC) to assist in the development of a Government Affairs Strategy and Implementation Plan.
  7. DIAC Inspection and Compliance Position Paper
    It is difficult for dental device manufacturers and distributors to comply with the Food and Drugs Act and its associated regulations when there isn’t a consistent and uniform inspection and enforcement process
  8. Non-Compliant Product Position Paper
    Grey Market Dental Distributors Position Paper