DIAC Goes to Ottawa

On October 30, 2013 the DIAC Advocacy Committee and the CDA Manager for Government Affairs met with senior members of the Health Canada Medical Devices Directorate and their policy advisors to discuss non-compliant products sold in Canada.

DIAC Regulatory Affairs Director and President Elect Lisa Citton-Battel (3M ESPE), Past President Peter Jugoon (Henry Schein) and Executive Director Bernie Teitelbaum presented DIAC’s concerns about diverted and counterfeited products being introduced into the Canadian market place and DIAC’s recommendations for improvements in the inspection and enforcement arenas. We were privileged to be accompanied by the CDA’s Manager of Government Affairs, Mr. Kevin Desjardins.

Topics included:

  • Where the product comes from and the size of the problem
  • What manufacturers are doing to stem the flow
  • What DIAC is doing in the education arena
  • What the CDA is doing in the education area
  • Improving import and border controls
  • Tougher standards for inspections
  • Tougher penalties for the importations and sale of non-compliant product

At the end of the meeting, the manager of the Medical Devices Bureau and the Director General of the Health Products and Food Branches Directorate recommended further consultations after certain legislative steps have been taken