Grey Market Missionary Work

DIAC’s Market Ethics Committee, led by Executive Director Bernie Teitelbaum, is aggressively addressing dentals practices and members of the dental industry in the proliferation of dental products that are not compliant with the Food and Drugs Act or the Medical Device Regulations.

2014 programs include:

  • Dissemination of DIAC  literature in English and French through mailings, sales
    visits and the DIAC convention booths

    • Postcard – Medical device Websites to Bookmark
    • Brochure – Is It Really worth The Risk
  • Solicitation of articles in dental journals
  • Collaboration with professional associations
  • Lectures at professional meetings and conventions – Shades of Grey
  • Seminars at dealer meetings – How to Talk to Dentists About Non-Compliant

Bernie has been invited to lecture at the 2014 Pacific Dental Conference, the Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting, the Journées Dentaires Internationales du Québec and the Ontario Dental Hygienists Association Annual meeting.

DIAC member companies are encouraged to reach out to Bernie if they are interested in one of his member seminars or any of DIAC’s literature on the subject.

Member seminars are free of charge. Sponsors are responsible only for travel costs.

Bernie can be reached at (416) 782-5272 or